Krina Cayabyab

Krina Cayabyab
32 Years Old, Musician
Weight Change – 140 lbs to 130 lbs

Today’s feature is potentially this month’s cream of the crop! Losing 10 lbs in barely 2 months on top of bringing out the silhouette of her abs as well as almost cutting her thickness by half as per her side view photos, it is no surprise to us that such a transformation by Krina would get featured!

Weighing at around 170 lbs during her pre-collegiate days, Krina is no stranger to dieting as she was able to bring her weight down to our starting point, through the years. However, around 3-4 years ago, due to various factors such as poor eating habits, mixed with bad sleeping patterns on top of her increasing workload, bad habits started to take shape and as such she felt like she lost her form. The fit of her clothes became off, energy wasn’t at its optimal state and then that was when she decided to seek help and found us.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience being able to coach Krina. She might not be fully compliant but her week per week compliance percentage wasn’t bad either. It was the perfect balance of being accountable while still enjoying the perks of freely going/eating out every now and then. That is what our plans are designed for which is none other than eventual integration to the client’s lifestyle. The goal of a healthy nutrition plan is never to deprive but rather to be able to reintegrate whatever it is that the client is used to eating in such a way that we get to mix and match the bad choices from the good ones while still being healthy. I believe in Krina’s case, we were able to achieve just that. But of course, remember that before we can do the said integration, we must first ensure that everything in your body is running at its optimal state, hence compliance is definitely a must.

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