Michiko Soriano

Michiko Soriano
32 Years Old, Executive at Media Tech Startup
Weight Change – 136.4 lbs to 128.6 lbs

A referral from a former client and one of our top features back in 2019, made Michiko send us a DM. Her goal? To look good on her wedding day and this is on top of being able to do so despite having PCOS.

Sounds simple? Not quite! When we’re dealing with any medical condition that affects hormones, you can be assured that it’ll complicate things. PCOS is known to bloat women and improper eating habits and dieting may exponentially worsen that. This is on top of the constant pressure to look good on the most special day of your life! Add both and what you get would be pressure and stress. “Stress” which then may raise Cortisol levels that would then encourage your body retain more fat. As you can see from our explanation above, it’s not as simple as 1, 2 and 3.

7.8 lbs might not seem much, but based from what we describe above regarding the complications associated with PCOS, this is quite a good progress! More than the weight though, Michiko’s visuals show extensive improvement in her midsection! It doesn’t matter if you check her front or side view photo, you could clearly see how defined her lines are! Even her overall bloating has improved greatly! Such a transformation is only possible through a properly computed nutrition plan and of course, the right guidance.

It wasn’t an easy journey and at one point she was so close to throwing in the towel. One phone call was all it took to turn it around as that phone call inspired her to do better. She started being more compliant for a week, that week turned into a month and then became months and before you know it, she was able to turn it around from what used to be a slow performing transformation to the major transformation which you see today! The best part about this is that she looks absolutely stunning, just in time for her upcoming wedding in a few weeks!

Our love and appreciation for Michiko will always be there and we are quite certain that she will serve as an inspiration to a lot of other women wanting to become fitter!

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