Imagine wanting to be leaner and wanting your body to be shaped better, only to be shot down by the people around you saying that you’re already slim to begin with or that you don’t need to reduce anything as there’s nothing else to reduce. This is a problem which a lot of those who experienced it don’t talk about. People think that just because you’re within a normal weight range means you can’t make it any better or would look down on those who try and label them as “extreme”, “OA” or worse, “narcissist”.

Today, with the help of Tet’s transformation, we’ll help shine a light into this unspoken issue and as to why people can still lean up without losing as much weight in a process which we call body recomposition. This process is extremely useful for those within their healthy weight range as it prevents the client from becoming underweight.

Tet merely lost 1.6 lbs in a span of 3 months but beyond the weight changes, one look at her visuals and you can see the beautiful cuts that came out from this 1.6 lbs! Her side profile shows her lower tummy leaning up. You can even make out the cuts from that angle! Her front profile shows the tremendous improvement in cutting out the love handles and you can also see the cuts starting to show from her midsection! It also reinforces the bloating improvements seen from the lower tummy. All of these changes from just a properly computed nutrition plan alone! No workouts, no supplements! Oh and mind you, her after photos are taken during her period so she’s extra bloated on the photos but despite this, the visual improvements are still night and day!

We can’t emphasize enough that not everyone is looking to lose 10-20 lbs in weight. Some just merely wish to improve on their current physique and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. People need to normalize minding their own business and of course respecting other people’s decision.

If you’re just like Tet and would like to improve on your physique further and would want to do it right then look no further. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit for more info! We have 400+ client transformation stories posted to date!

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