Cassanah Marie Maquiling
30 years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 108 lbs to 104 lbs

One look at Cassanah’s transformation and no one would expect such a change to happen from 4 lbs of weight loss in 25 days(That’s right, this transformation happened in LESS than a month). So if you think that’s a shocker, then do allow us to share another fact; Her daughter just turned 8 months old last week. YES, Cassanah is 8 MONTHS POST PARTUM. Her transformation can easily be considered as one of the best we’ve seen for non-moms and is THE BEST transformation we have so far for mommies! Just look at how defined her abs! This definition is clearly seen even from the side view, her tummy just vanished!

People have always wondered as to how celebrity/model mommies do it in such a short span of time. Most of these people have all the resources in the world, as well as the help of various cosmetic surgery clinics, both local and abroad, to help them achieve their slim figures which are not only expensive but pretty much out of reach to a lot of common folks such as Cassanah and ourselves. The problem with this approach is that, it doesn’t fix the root cause which is mostly nutritional by nature. It simply offers a quick fix, mostly temporary which would then require the client to maintain and undergo yet again after a few months(profit yet again for these clinics).

We just want to show everyone that you don’t have to be rich nor be a celebrity to achieve such a result. The fact that Cassanah did it in less than a month with just proper nutritional guidance and the right workout programming proves that this is definitely possible. This is our way of empowering women, most especially post partum moms.

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