Anonymous Jo

Anonymous Jo31 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 130.4 lbs to 116.2 lbs Here’s a scenario for you guys! It’s in the middle of November and preparations are in full swing for both Christmas and New Year, all is well except for your upcoming beach trip. You really want to fit in that newly bought bikini [Read More…]


Anonymous Reed

Anonymous Reed29 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 130.2 lbs to 122.6 lbs In another beautiful display of discipline and compliance, here is another one of our transformations which turned out successful despite the holiday festivities! 7.6 lbs in 2 months manifested by losing close to 2 sizes down on her waist. Bloating has clearly been [Read More…]


Anonymous Mariza

Anonymous Mariza33 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 137.9 lbs to 126.7 lbs Our team always gets giddy when we get assigned cases involving PCOS. Not because of the challenges it brings to the client but mostly because we’re quite confident that we can control the side effects that come with it, specifically unwanted weight gain. [Read More…]


Anonymous Parkson

Anonymous Parkson18 Years Old, AuditorWeight Change – 175.6 lbs to 146.1 lbs People equate holidays with weight gain, even more so during the Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations. However, this impression is misguided in the sense that our food intake capacity is limited even if the food quantity during these times are higher than [Read More…]

Ambassadors' Club

Ambassador Paulo Macahilig

2020 has its fair share of challenges, but despite this a lot of our clients were able to weather the storm and succeed despite the odds and safe to say one transformation stood out and was simply a cut above the rest! We proudly welcome our 13th Ambassador, Paulo Macahilig! Despite his job and his [Read More…]


Gem De Leon-Vibar

Gem De Leon-Vibar30 Years Old, AuditorWeight Change – 120.2 lbs to 102 lbs Nothing can prepare you for the aftereffects of pregnancy especially for those who used to be fit. Gem tried almost every trick there is. She hired a gym PT, subscribed to a food delivery service, did intermittent fasting and all of this [Read More…]


Anonymous Mandy

Anonymous Mandy 33 Years Old, Confidential Weight Change – 127.5 lbs to 116.1 lbs Imagine having to wear something that seems so familiar but now feels foreign. That is what rapid weight gain can do to you, something which is quite common post-pregnancy. A problem which Mandy is currently suffering, 15 months post partum. To [Read More…]


Anonymous Mitra

Anonymous Mitra28 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 151.6 lbs to 145 lbs While most people are continuously gaining weight all throughout December, our clients are actually doing the opposite while still having a feel of the holiday festivities! People dread December mainly due to the celebrations that come with Christmas and New Year and this [Read More…]


Anonymous Nadine

Anonymous Nadine40 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 120.6 lbs to 112.6 lbs As we are a few days away in ending 2020, it’s just right that we get to end it properly with a BANG! What a better way to start than to share Nadine’s transformation! Coming from an already fit background, most people would [Read More…]


Sofia Mendoza

Sofia Mendoza15 Years Old, StudentWeight Change – 162.7 lbs to 142.1 lbs Our team has a lot of success stories this year but one transformation that stood out would definitely be that of Sofia’s! She is our youngest client by far and to be able to see such a huge positive change from her end [Read More…]