Lara Gill

Lara Gill30 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 170.4 lbs to 154.4 lbs What’s peculiar about Lara’s fitness journey is that she never lacked the effort and determination needed to pursue her goals. Her usual go to routine to lose weight was to train hard in Muay Thai and everything was going well for her until [Read More…]

Ambassadors' Club

Ambassador Shoti Go

We welcome our 12th ambassador and the second one to be inducted this year, Shoti, into the club! The Ambassadors’ Club is a cut above the rest and is a tier higher than our regular transformation features. Shoti showed continuous dedication and drive despite graduating from our program for more than a year ago and [Read More…]


Nathalie Julio

Nathalie Julio20 Years Old, StudentWeight Change – 139.3 lbs to 135 lbs Year after year, we get an influx of female clients signing up and what’s common about most of them is that the majority are suffering from PCOS. Nathalie here is another addition to that count. We were initially able to hit within the [Read More…]


Eugene Polines

Eugene Polines29 Years Old, PilotWeight Change – 217.8 lbs to 174.5 lbs If you’ve ever wondered as to the kind of “dirt” our industry has, then Eugene’s story might be able to enlighten you somehow. A few years back, Eugene was encouraged by a former trainer to take in anabolic steroids to which he obliged. [Read More…]


Regina Ecarma

Regina Ecarma29 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 115 lbs to 105 lbs As coaches, our team is in agreement that the most important thing that a coach should do is not to inspire nor is it to sell the service but rather to frame. Or “framing” as we call it. It is easy for clients [Read More…]


Anonymous Gaia

Anonymous Gaia26 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 134.8 lbs to 128 lbs We know that time is important and the saying “Time is Gold” might even be an understatement especially when you are a month away from your wedding! We know how stressful it can be and that is why we make sure that these [Read More…]


Anonymous Bettina

Anonymous Bettina22 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 146.3 lbs to 140 lbs In our 3 years of operation, it’s not unusual for our clients to have a surprised reaction as to their before and after photos but a memorable one would definitely of Bettina’s reaction after learning that she lost a total of 6.3 lbs [Read More…]


Miss Muffet

Miss Muffet26 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 147.2 lbs to 135.5 lbs To say that “time flies” is quite the understatement especially when we get to talk about weight gain or weight loss. Whenever we get inquiries from people, one of the things we get to ask them is how long did it take for [Read More…]


Anonymous Maya

Anonymous Maya34 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 130.6 lbs to 120.8 lbs If you think one pregnancy is damaging to the physique, what more if you make that two? Maya here is an OFW living in Qatar and is a proud mother of two but as you can see despite this, her after photos look [Read More…]


Zelle Nonato

Zelle Nonato28 Years Old, ConfidentialWeight Change – 128.4 lbs to 125.7 lbs Zelle is no stranger to dieting as she tried various methods prior to her enrollment to our services, though the biggest difference that felt would be in terms of hunger as she barely felt hungry at all from our plans which is a [Read More…]