If there’s one overrated fitness metric for progress, it would be none other than scale weight changes. From TV Shows such as The Biggest Loser, to fitness influencer reels and vids, everyone puts so much emphasis on scale weight changes that it’s just ridiculous at this point. Most people directly associate scale weight changes to [Read More…]

For the past few stories, we’ve shared some amazing final transformation stories. For today, however, we’d like to share an ongoing one that’s equally amazing that will also allow you guys to see and appreciate the step by step improvements. While a finished transformation may inspire you to take action, some people might find it [Read More…]

Contrary to popular belief, the challenge doesn’t start with identifying the proper nutrition for those with PCOS. It starts by knowing how to filter out all these myths and fad associated with the condition. From all these crash/fad dieting methods that are aimed at PCOS Fighters, to fake supplements that doesn’t do anything. Learning how [Read More…]