Pregnancy in its entirety is a complex and delicate process. One which transforms the body physiologically. While some moms are very much okay with the said changes such as the weight gain, the stomach distention amongst others, it is very much understandable that there are some who would like to fix it and this is [Read More…]

As a soon to wed, there’s so much you need to consider and we couldn’t even comprehend to list down everything. From the caterers to the suppliers to the wedding venues to even the simplest of things such as the color palette, where to buy the ties, where to source the cloth. It’s an overwhelming [Read More…]

Coffee brewed and breakfast served all the while logging into the company laptop in your pajamas! No need to account for the traffic nor the early morning get go to line up at the train stations. This is the beauty brought about by the WFH setup! However, despite this seemingly beneficial setup is an underlying [Read More…]

Marielle Janine Dirain, is part of the 3.4% of women affected globally by Polystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. Just like the majority of those with the condition, she suffers from abnormal weight bloating which she admittedly had trouble in dealing with since 4th year highschool, but the biggest threat of PCOS isn’t the weight gain, [Read More…]


Gian Tadeo

Gian Tadeo17 Years Old, StudentWeight Change – 272.9 lbs to 214 lbs We don’t usually accept minors but we made an exception for Gian because he’s way too big for his height and age and it has been affecting him socially and as a result, psychologically as well. He tried a variety of methods, he [Read More…]