Contrary to popular belief, the challenge doesn’t start with identifying the proper nutrition for those with PCOS. It starts by knowing how to filter out all these myths and fad associated with the condition. From all these crash/fad dieting methods that are aimed at PCOS Fighters, to fake supplements that doesn’t do anything. Learning how to shut yourself out from these scams is the first challenge, especially when you have all these people “vouching” for such methods.

Grace tried everything. Literally everything, from working out 3-4x a week, to different fad diets as well as medicine in the form of Metformin to which she stopped as early as January of this year due to the intense side effects. This is when she decided to return to basics and seek professional help regarding her nutrition.

In just 4 Months, Not only was Grace able to beat PCOS by becoming “PCOS-FREE” as per her latest checkup, but she was able to do so with ZERO medications, ZERO workouts and just from a change in her nutrition alone! On top of this, she was able to lean up and even show off her abs! Her side profile shows the huge improvement in terms of her overall thickness while her front profile shows the extensive improvement from the reduction of her love handles as well as enhancing the lines in her midsection!

If there’s a tip that we can give to everyone suffering from PCOS, that is to start with the basics. Oftentimes we opt for the intense course of action which often involves large dosages of hormonal medicine which can induce additional problems without even looking into our nutrition. Medicine has its place but so does proper nutrition and Grace’s success story is a firm example of how potent proper nutrition is in dealing with PCOS!

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