You would think that after committing so many months to working out 4x per week plus a no rice diet, Bea would hit her goal and lose weight consistently. Unfortunately for her, not a single weight was shed despite her endeavors. This is a common issue faced by a lot of those starting their weight loss journey often wrongly highlighted by mainstream media. It was Bea’s frustration from the lack of progress which eventually made her decide to seek professional help with us and the rest of that story, are the very results which you guys are seeing now.

In just a span of 3 months, Bea managed to lean up her midsection to the point that her bloating is almost fully gone! Her arms are way leaner too as you can see from her side profile. She lost a total of 20.5 lbs during this time from a nutritional change alone! The best part is that her energy is intact and hunger is non-existent! This is why we always tell our clients to focus on what’s important which is nutrition as more often than not, client issues are a nutritional one and not a workout one. Working out, without fixing your nutrition is the same as having a broken refrigerator but you opting to fix the stove instead. No amount of fixing the stove will fix the ref. The same goes for nutrition.

If you’re fed up with having minimal to almost no progress in terms of your fitness endeavors then perhaps it’s high time that you seek professional help.

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