41 Year Old Post Partum Mommy Of 2 Kids Finally Removed Pregnancy Pouch And Skin Flaps From Switching To Proper Nutrition, Drops 14.7 Lbs In 3 Months!

We’re confident enough to say that Marga is one of the more dedicated people when it comes to their fitness goals! Despite being a mom of 2 kids, she NEVER stopped working out. As soon as her OB cleared her 6 weeks post-partum, she resumed her activities but despite this, her weight seems to creep up. For years, this has been the case for her which caused her to pin this on her age. It wasn’t until she saw a colleague’s transformation from our program that she had a eureka moment! All this time, it was nutrition that she’s missing and so she signed up. The result of that endeavour are the very visuals which you guys are seeing.

In just a span of 3 months, Marga lost 14.7lbs but more than the weight, she managed to remove her pregnancy pouch as evident from her side profile! Her front shows a HUGE improvement in terms of her love handles and how her midsection has flattened! A quick transition to her back photos would show that her skin flaps are gone with her arms being slimmer too! The best part would be that energy is abundant and hunger is nowhere to be found! All of this, from a simple switch to proper nutrition!

One of the common mistakes we see people do is that they put too much emphasis in working out that they’re forgetting the most important part of the equation which is nutrition. Marga’s case is proof of that! Also, one more thing we want to emphasize is that while age may affect results, it’s not as huge of a deal as what most people would make it out to be. We’ve seen clients in their late 40s, 50s with a 4 pack/6 pack rock hard midsection which is way better than a lot of their younger counterparts!

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