If there’s one overrated fitness metric for progress, it would be none other than scale weight changes. From TV Shows such as The Biggest Loser, to fitness influencer reels and vids, everyone puts so much emphasis on scale weight changes that it’s just ridiculous at this point. Most people directly associate scale weight changes to fat loss, but what they don’t know is that even muscle loss will present itself as weight loss and that is NOT to be celebrated as not only will your metabolism weaken, but your body too will sag. So how can you distinguish quality weight loss from weight loss that was done incorrectly? Simple! You look at the other variables other than weight!

You will be forgiven to think that Marnelle lost way more than 5.8 lbs. Just look at her visuals, not only was she able to get rid of her love handles and flatten her midsection which now shows the silhouette of her abs, but she was also able to improve her overall thickness as evident from her side profile! It’s almost unimaginable that she only lost 5.8 lbs despite these changes. But another variable that people overlook are blood chemistry results! It revealed that her bad cholesterol significantly decreased and more importantly, she is now PCOS free as per her latest ultrasound!

We urge you to stop focusing too much on your scale weight changes and prioritize on other variables which also shows progress such as those we highlighted above. Would you like to lose 20-30 lbs fast from crash dieting/fad dieting methods and look sickly with your skin all loose? Or would you rather do it right and lose 5.8 lbs and lean up the way Marnelle did, on top of her conquering PCOS as well as her cholesterol issue? The choice is ALWAYS yours to make. Choose wisely.

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