Almost all of us at some point during the lockdown, lost a bit of discipline when it comes to eating and working out, some due to stressors, others due to closed fitness facilities. Whichever the reason, do know that these are all understandable and no one should be called out for it.

Nadia here used to be quite fit pre-pandemic due to healthy eating habits and dancing. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and she just woke up one day realizing that she’s 20 lbs overweight with an unfamiliar sight while looking in front of the mirror. It was for these reasons that motivated her to seek professional help and sign up to our services.

3 months into the program and we managed to cut down her overall thickness in her midsection. Her arms are smaller and her back fat is evidently reduced. Her front profile shows her midsection being more defined as seen from her cuts. The only thing we changed? Her nutrition. No workout, no supplements, just purely a nutritional change.

It’s never a shameful thing to have setbacks in terms of your overall fitness. Even us coaches have “moments of weakness”. What’s important is the willingness to be better and bounce back!

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