Most of the inquiries we get would start with “What kind of workouts do you guys do?” and it’s definitely a conversation starter whenever we respond with “You might not even need one, let’s assess you first”. Truth be told, 90% of our clients don’t even workout, even those with abs, and this is something which we openly share to our clients early on! Those that are under our workout programs are either professional or amateur athletes or those looking for strength improvements instead of physical changes.

What started as a preventive measure to counteract health diseases eventually became a habit for Adonija that also boosted his self confidence. One look at his transformation photos and you can clearly see why this is so. The huge tummy protrusion as seen in his side profile is now gone! His “man-boobs” are all flattened out. No skin flaps could be seen from both side and front view and the best part of this was the lack of loose/sagging skin as this is PURE QUALITY weight loss. Not a single workout was done to achieve this. No supplements, no crash dieting and no surgeries involved. All it took to achieve this is a properly computed nutrition plan and NOTHING else.

Discipline, compliance, consistency and time are all it took Adonija to achieve this level of progress and anyone with the same drive and determination can do this too, but you have to act on it and not just want it. The best part? You can start on your journey as early as now.

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