When we talk about success stories, most people would imagine zero deviations, just follow the plan, remain consistent and that’s that. While this is true to some extent, this is mostly an oversimplification of any fitness journey. We always remind our clients that the most beautiful transformations are those that went through ups and downs. Progress is never linear and even us coaches do fall down at times. The ones that succeed are those who are able to get back up and get on track after such instances and one of those fortunate few is Francis.

What initially started as a way to just accompany his father in his own fitness journey turned into something of a habit for himself. While he wasn’t really keen in doing all of this at first, he eventually found the drive to keep himself consistent and while his weight did go up and down through the months, it was his visual changes that made Francis appreciate the work that he’s doing.

Looking at his side profile alone, you could see as to how big of an improvement it is for Francis. His bloating has definitely flattened by a ton and while there is still a bit of protrusion, this is nowhere close to how it was about a year ago! You could also see this from his front profile wherein his tummy used to protrude and extend itself over the garter about a year ago and now, it’s just sitting right on top of it.

Surely Francis still has a lot of room for improvement, but this is definitely a beautiful work in progress. Not only was he able to successfully improve visually speaking but he’s now out of the obese category as per his weight! Our team loves to feature WIP(Work in Progress) transformations as these are more relatable rather than the “end product”. Hopefully in a few months’ time, we’re able to update on his transformation journey and help inspire more people through this process.

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