Marielle Janine Dirain, is part of the 3.4% of women affected globally by Polystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS. Just like the majority of those with the condition, she suffers from abnormal weight bloating which she admittedly had trouble in dealing with since 4th year highschool, but the biggest threat of PCOS isn’t the weight gain, it’s the fertility issues that come with it.

Anyone who has tried to conceive or has a background in medicine would know that being overweight/obese can affect fertility too, so to suffer from both PCOS and weight issues is definitely not a good combination, fertility wise.

It would be prudent to say that it was frustration that led Marielle to enroll. Thankfully, that frustration has been replaced with renewed hope and comfort in knowing that her chances of conceiving now is way higher than her chances 2 months back prior to her subscription. But don’t take our word for it, instead do allow us to share hers.

“Yung OB ko, naintrigue sa diet niyo. Ako lang ata ang consistent na pumapayat sa patients niya kahit nagdaan ang holidays ng dec-jan. Sobrang nakakaproud kasi napapansin niya talaga sa records ko every balik.”

“Simula bata ako, I always thought of myself as nasa big side. Looking back, hindi naman pala. Ang weight ko since 4th year highschool is consistently at 64kg. Ngayon ko lang siya nakita na less than that. So yes, you gave me the very much needed hope in the 2 months that I was part of your program.”

Her words speak volumes as to how difficult it is to deal with PCOS. But if there’s one thing that we’ve proven through Marielle’s transformation is that you don’t have to suffer for decades in dealing with this condition as the right professionals can very much help you to overcome it in much shorter span of time.

Marielle’s journey is definitely an ongoing one and may her current transformation inspire the thousands of other women suffering from PCOS.

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