Miss Muffet

Miss Muffet
26 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 147.2 lbs to 135.5 lbs

To say that “time flies” is quite the understatement especially when we get to talk about weight gain or weight loss. Whenever we get inquiries from people, one of the things we get to ask them is how long did it take for them to reach where they are at that point in time and 99.9% of the time the answers would be months or even years and as a coach it is important to emphasize on that as people have the tendency to want shortcuts but what they don’t realize is that you cannot fix a year’s worth of mistakes in a month or two.

Let’s have a look at one of our Team Architect Australia clients, Miss Muffet’s transformation as an example. Despite the huge amount of improvements seen from her front and side view photo, it still took her 6 months to achieve this and while that may seem like forever to some people, do note that it took Muffet years to get to where she was on her before photos, so in comparison the 6 months is easily just a quarter of that time, at the most!

Looking at Muffet’s transformation, her overall bloating is visibly leaner and her arms are smaller as seen from her side profile. Her front profile shows the huge improvement in terms of her curvature as seen from the reduction of her “muffin” top! 12.3 lbs might not be a significant number but if you are to look at her visuals, you can easily deduce that this 12.3 lbs is very much quality weight loss. People could lose 20-30 lbs easy but majority of it would be water weight and something which will not be as visible in terms of their visual improvements!

It’s very important to note that you are not in a race to lose weight and the only person you must chase would be yourself and your previous improvements. Never compare your journey to that of someone else’s cause chances are, you guys don’t have the same circumstances nor the same starting point and as such it may unnecessarily demotivate you. Focus on yourself, keep improving and before you know it, you’ve already hit your goals and more!

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