We’ve shared just how frustrating it is to deal with a skinny fat body. Overdo it and you risk looking anorexic. Do it wrong, and you risk bloating up more. For Chad, this frustration also meant having to hold his shirt while walking just to hide his belly. It was at this point that he had enough and luckily for him, his friend’s transformation through our program was the final push that made him decide to sign up and the rest can pretty much be summarized from his transformation!

A clean drop in weight made him lose his belly and bring about his abs! You can also see the huge improvement from his side profile as well as the cuts that came with it! The best part about this would be his chest being flatter as having “man-boobs” was one of his primary complaints too! What makes Chad’s transformation truly noteworthy is the fact that he’s in his 40s and yet his body now can very much go head to head with guys decades younger than him!

Chad has been a steady gym goer since forever and the only thing that stood out this time around was the change in his nutrition. We couldn’t emphasize enough just how important proper nutrition is. For years, Chad tried to do it on his own but all he managed to do was to make his tummy bigger.

If you’re just like Chad and you had enough with trying to DIY your way with minimal to no results then it’s probably high time that you seek professional help.

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