Al Gaw

Al Gaw(@alyoucaneat)
26 Years Old, Entrepreneur
Weight Change – 202.4 lbs to 186 lbs

I want to introduce you guys to my one of the more “pasaway” clients(just look at his IG name) which I enjoyed handling, Al Gaw. Al is a childhood friend of mine and he was one of the fitter guys in our batch back then so I was clueless as to why he would then ask about my services.

I did eventually ask about his current stats which clarified everything and when I decided to probe a little further into his routine and habits, I was able to uncover that just like most of the guys I met before, he thinks that working out alone could make him leaner. No wonder Al plateaued on his weight loss journey, if you’ve been a follower of my page since the beginning you would know that time and time again, I’ve proven that nutrition DOES more of the work than the workout but that does not discount the fact that working out does somewhat help you reach your goals too.

Fast forward to a month later, here I am dealing with Al’s superb changes. Not only did he lose weight, but he also leaned up a lot in a span of a month. All of this despite his weekly “buffet” events because of his businesses. Overall I’m happy, knowing that after a month this guy is now making smarter decisions with his food choices and all in all I was able to help a friend out.

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