Aleli Espiritu

Aleli Espiritu
29 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 204.2 lbs to 180.4 lbs

This engagement is definitely one of the memorable ones in the sense that we encountered challenges all for the wrong reasons such as advising Aleli to STOP working out and limit it out to just a maximum of 3x a week.

Being used to a high level of activity level, Aleli isn’t alone in having the belief that working out everyday is beneficial to lose weight. It doesn’t help that incompetent professionals in our industry promote the same too out of greed, so that you get to use up more of their “PT Sessions”. By working out everyday and depriving your body of a proper recovery period, you risk raising your cortisol(stress hormone) which then would encourage your body to store more fat as a response. There is a saying that “You can’t outrun a bad diet” and this is absolutely true. Instead of going overboard in working out, if you truly wish to hasten the progress, then improve on your nutrition.

In a span of 3 months, Aleli lost 23.8 lbs which is a significant number and she managed to do this through an improvement in her nutrition while keeping her workout close to just 3x a week! You can see from the visual changes how much her tummy has been reduced from both front and side angles! We have yet to consider that she managed to do this despite going through the holiday festivities last December! Imagine just how potent a properly crafted nutrition plan can be!

There are a lot of misconceptions circulating around when it comes to fitness and when you add greed into the mix, this gets compounded tremendously. We even see a lot of “Fitness Gurus” promoting their ebooks or methods on FB all the while posting results of people(or themselves) who are clearly enhanced with controlled substances.

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