As we enter a new year and a new decade, it is fitting that we get to induct what may be considered as our best transformation for 2019. We are very pleased to announce our 11th Ambassador, Celina Grace!

Not everyone is going for a huge weight drop. Some people, like Celina, simply wishes to tone their body further, to reduce that extra bit of body fat percentage which would mean a huge difference during photoshoots in terms of a more defined curves and abs.

Celina’s curves are more visible than ever and we managed to take out that last bit of stubborn body fat from her lower abs, giving her a sexy, defined look. Such transformation requires precision from our end and utmost compliance from the client and while Celina isn’t exactly 100%, her efforts were more or less around 80% which is more than enough to see results as clearly seen in her transformation.

We truly believe that Celina will be quite the role model especially to a lot of women who are seeking to be fitter this 2020! Kudos to a job well done and congratulations for being a part of the few who made it into our Ambassadors’ Club!

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