Ambassadors’ Club

Ambassadors' Club

Ambassador Ian Liao

Before 2022 ends, we would like to welcome our newest Ambassador, Ian Liao! Ian has shown exceptional results even just months into the program! While his compliance is by no means, close to perfect, he strived to do what he can to follow through the program for the most part and the result of that [Read More…]

It’s ironic that those in charge of our health and bodies, medical professionals, turn out to have one of the most toxic and unhealthy lifestyle there is. This is not to be solely blamed on them as this is how their system has been setup since time immemorial. Medical professionals have some of the most [Read More…]

Ambassadors' Club

Ambassador John Bituin

After close to 3 days of deliberation, we’re now finally proud to present the only Ambassador inducted into our Ambassadors’ Club for 2021, Our dedicated and humble client from Australia, John Bituin! The selection process is quite tedious as we’re flooded with a number of beautiful transformations for the entire 2021 but John’s stood out [Read More…]

2020 has its fair share of challenges, but despite this a lot of our clients were able to weather the storm and succeed despite the odds and safe to say one transformation stood out and was simply a cut above the rest! We proudly welcome our 13th Ambassador, Paulo Macahilig! Despite his job and his [Read More…]

We welcome our 12th ambassador and the second one to be inducted this year, Shoti, into the club! The Ambassadors’ Club is a cut above the rest and is a tier higher than our regular transformation features. Shoti showed continuous dedication and drive despite graduating from our program for more than a year ago and [Read More…]

As we enter a new year and a new decade, it is fitting that we get to induct what may be considered as our best transformation for 2019. We are very pleased to announce our 11th Ambassador, Celina Grace! Not everyone is going for a huge weight drop. Some people, like Celina, simply wishes to [Read More…]

Hitting below 140 lbs after so many years is just one of the many reasons as to why we’re inducting our newest ambassador, Hikari De Guia! Patricia was able to lean herself to the point that her abs are now showing, especially on her side view photos. She did all this while simultaneously working up to [Read More…]

We are very much pleased to induct Imel Aimeru into our Ambassadors’ Club. Imel has shown exceptional dedication during his 1 year with us and has shown exceptional results. As a matter of fact, our multimedia team had difficulties utilizing his old photo due to it being pixelated, however despite this, you can still CLEARLY see the [Read More…]

We are proud to announce our 8th inductee into our Ambassadors’ Club which is no other than Vanessa Monot! Vanessa is the second female inductee into our exclusive club which is only meant for the best of the best transformations in the history of The Architect. Vanessa’s profession requires her to be seen on stage, television [Read More…]

The Architect PH will be celebrating its second anniversary this April 6 and we would like to give a bit of an introduction to the LONGEST ACTIVE client in our roster which is none other than Ralph Vincent Regalado as we share this anniversary with him! While we did indicate that Ralph is a CEO(of his own [Read More…]