Hitting below 140 lbs after so many years is just one of the many reasons as to why we’re inducting our newest ambassador,¬†Hikari De Guia!

Patricia was able to lean herself to the point that her abs are now showing, especially on her side view photos. She did all this while simultaneously working up to her life goals and all the while, enjoying the arcade as she usually does. This versatility as well as adjustments she made, with the way she was able to incorporate healthy living in her daily routine, is admirable and should be something that we all should aspire to achieve.

Becoming an ambassador doesn’t only require the person to have a significant amount of visual changes but the person should have qualities which the other clients could all aspire or learn from. For Patricia, it’s quite clear, it’s flexibility, accountability and determination.

We’re very much happy with the way we were able to impact Patricia’s life and we hope that her change and feature, in turn, would help to positively impact yours.

Congratulations Patricia! We’re very much proud of you!

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