We are proud to announce our 8th inductee into our Ambassadors’ Club which is no other than Vanessa Monot!

Vanessa is the second female inductee into our exclusive club which is only meant for the best of the best transformations in the history of The Architect.

Vanessa’s profession requires her to be seen on stage, television or in gigs and as such she wants to look at her best with every single performance. This is nothing new to people who are very much into their craft.

During her engagement with us, she lost a total of 18.7 lbs in 4 months with an average of 4.67 lbs per month! This number might not mean much but if you are to look at her visual changes, most especially her face, neck, arms and waist, you would understand as to why this 4.67 lbs a month is significant. Her transformation is the very definition of quality weight loss itself unlike weight loss caused by crashed dieting which focuses more on the scale weight changes more than the actual visual changes and is more prone to rebounding a few weeks or months after.

We are very much proud of you Vanessa! We’re quite certain that you’ll be inspiring a lot of people into kick starting their fitness journeys! Keep up the good work and the dedication!

NO SUPPLEMENTS, NO BS, just pure honest guidance with realistic results! To see our other ambassadors, please do visit https://www.thearchitect.ph/category/ambassadors-club/ for more info!

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