We welcome our 12th ambassador and the second one to be inducted this year, Shoti, into the club!

The Ambassadors’ Club is a cut above the rest and is a tier higher than our regular transformation features. Shoti showed continuous dedication and drive despite graduating from our program for more than a year ago and as such he continues to reap the benefits of this change in lifestyle making himself leaner than ever before. His midsection has completely transformed and tightened to show his abs! His chest area, which was once an area of concern due to his “manboobs” has flattened fully!

Such drive and dedication to his lifestyle change is what caused this visual changes to be possible and despite graduating for more than a year, he continuously stays in contact with the team just to update us on his progress and ask us every now and then about certain aspects of the plan(something we very much welcome).

You’ve inspired not just the people around you Shoti but also our entire team to keep on doing what we’re doing and we’re quite certain you will be an inspiration to another hundred if not thousands of other people out there with your fitness journey! Congratulations and do continue to keep up the good work!

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