The Architect PH will be celebrating its second anniversary this April 6 and we would like to give a bit of an introduction to the LONGEST ACTIVE client in our roster which is none other than Ralph Vincent Regalado as we share this anniversary with him!

While we did indicate that Ralph is a CEO(of his own company Senti), there is more to it than that as he’s also a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning(which requires him to travel a lot), Technology Lead for the UP Manila National Telehealth Center as well as a professor at the De La Salle University(Our head coach, Tim, was a student of his).

While the team agreed to induct Ralph into our Ambassadors’ Club, his above-mentioned positions and responsibilities make his entire transformation even more amazing! Most people would struggle to keep up to a healthy lifestyle with one job, imagine having multiple heavy roles in different companies ALL AT ONCE and stay fit the entire time!

Imagine the dedication and drive needed to maintain this and to keep going at it for 2 years and counting! Ralph is our longest active client and is one of our alpha clients as he joined when The Architect PH just rolled out. While he’s the only one left from his batch, it’s not because he still needs help with his physique but mostly because it became customary for him to receive guidance from us.

As we are about to celebrate The Architect PH’s achievements in 2 years, we can’t help but go on a trip down memory lane whenever we get to interact with Ralph. He was able to witness our growth from a mere 5-7 clients up to our current 180. He has also witnessed several changes with the way we do things as we always strive to incorporate new findings as soon as we’re able to study and test them out ourselves! We can still remember the very first time you contacted us, you just wanted to remove your tummy then and be able to hit the beaches without having to mask your body with black t shirts. Well fast forward to the present day and here you are topless during every vacation and inspiring everyone else with your amazing transformation! Keep hustling Ralph and continue to be the huge inspiration that you are to the people around you!

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