We are very much happy to induct Karl Salvador into the Ambassadors’ Club!

Karl started his fitness journey a long way back but decided that he needed some extra guidance as he wasn’t really losing that much weight. Since his wedding back then was a few months away, he decided to enroll himself into The Architect PH. The rest as we all know it, is history.

He lost a total of 49.4 lbs and despite numerous adjustments on his wedding suit, it still came out a bit loose fitting which is evident in the photo attached.

His positivity and dedication has influenced a lot of his friends as well as his own wife Honey Mabalot-Salvador and family to enroll under our guidance. All of whom showed significant progress in their fitness goals! We hope you get to influence more people as you continue to stay fit and fight for your fitness goals Karl! Your Architect Family will always be here to support you!

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