Amour Arenas

Amour Arenas
25 Years Old, IT Professional
Weight Change – 118.8 lbs to 119 lbs

Can I just say that it took me just 1 minute to convince Amour to release her transformation photo. I believe impressed is an understatement for the transformation she was able to pull off in a short span of time. Amour is a college batchmate of mine, she’s pretty much active and sporty but even that didn’t spare her from the dreaded tummy problem. Being a woman is difficult. The monthly visits and not to mention the cravings that comes with it will definitely ruin someone’s diet and yet despite this, she was able to pull off a .2 lbs weight gain and still look leaner.

Amour’s situation is the inverse of Josh’s situation before wherein he wanted to look bigger and he did achieve that despite losing 2 lbs from his starting weight. Amour on the other hand was able to look leaner and firmer despite a .2 lb weight gain. Calorie deficit and surplus are basic, you’ll hear this every now and then from coaches but sometimes, you need to be creative with your approach and think outside the box. Is my client already within her healthy weight range because if that is the case I wouldn’t bother with a deficit else you’ll risk having a client who looks sick and anorexic.

The key here is to always understand what your client wants to achieve. Sure, conventional methods and standards does work, but why settle for mediocre methods that will give mediocre results if you can do better? For the past few posts, I believe there has been a change in my tone from a passive aggressive stance on results to a more aggressive approach and that is because I think It’s high time that everyone gets to understand that there is a BIG difference between a coach who looks good and a coach whose clients look good. If you want to measure as to how brilliant or effective a coach is, always look at their clients(Form, aesthetics and strength). That will pretty much give you an idea as to how effective they are in passing on their knowledge and coaching. Some coaches are better suited as athletes due to their inability to explain and make their clients understand what they want to happen.

So if you’re one of those sellout/ineffective coaches regardless of how much you charge your clients, better rethink your strategy and be better because I’m definitely on the rise and my clients’ results are more than enough to prove what I’m capable of.

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