Angeli Tan

Angeli Charmaine Tan
27 Years Old, College Instructor
Weight Change – 102 lbs to 100 lbs

One of our soon-to-wed clients, Angeli’s transformation and her current physique is what we could consider as the norm in terms of fitness goals, not too lean like that of a bodybuilder, but slim enough to accentuate her curves and of course to bring out the much desired abs!

Her story with us started a year ago, although she has been inconsistent for the most part. It was only during her restart last November of 2019 that she really saw the need to see it through. Perhaps it was due to the pressure associated with her big day, perhaps it was simply her own realization, what matters is that she understood the importance of compliance and this time around she made it!

Such a transformation would warrant precision as Angeli’s body isn’t exactly that of a beginner. The more advanced the progress, the more difficult it will become and the need for a more precised planning is required. You can clearly see how in a span of a few months(less than 3 months), we managed to lean her up and show her curves. Her abs are popping out too despite the poor lighting! Imagine what more under ideal lighting circumstances!

2 lbs might not be a lot to some, but like what we always tell our clients, we don’t aim for quantity but rather we aim for the QUALITY of the weight being shed. Here in The Architect, we do it right. No shortcuts, just a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results!

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