Anonymous Alexis

Anonymous “Alexis”
25 Years Old, Regional Brand Associate
Weight Change – 156 lbs to 139 lbs

Somewhere out there, “Alexis” is having the time of her life with a huge grin on her face because of her 4 months worth of achievement. Originally, we were set to feature her when she reaches 120 lbs so that her collarbones would be more apparent, but I was able to convince her to do so now.

“Alexis” had her fair share of struggles and demotivation during the entire 4 months. I felt more like a guidance counselor than a nutritionist/coach whenever I had to convince her to “return to the fold” during her unapproved cheat days. To be perfectly transparent to everyone, Alexis is already 2 months at her current weight of 139 lbs. Does this mean that she has stalled? No.

We are too focused on our scale weight that it is the only thing that we associate with improvement. Real improvement lies in strength increases or visual changes. Who cares if you weigh 20 lbs less, if you didn’t change that much visually? I’d rather have my clients lose a steady 1 lb per week as long as it’s quality weight loss than to have them crash diet or do water manipulation techniques which are temporary.

17 lbs isn’t much to a lot of you, but if only I could share to you her strength gains during the entire 4 months on top of her visual changes, then I guess you could really call this a win.

“Alexis”, I’m very proud of you! Keep it up and congratulations on being that beacon of inspiration to everyone!

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