Anonymous Aliza

Anonymous Aliza
27 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 115.3 lbs to 111.8 lbs

Majority of our clients have already experienced a form of dieting prior to signing up with us and most of them are with us now because the methods they used before either made them miserable or did not produce any results at all. So you can just imagine how huge our smiles were when we saw Aliza’s transformation in less than a month!

3.7 lbs might seem like a small number to many, but if you are to take into consideration Aliza’s visuals, you can clearly see that 3.7 lbs of weight loss translated to almost half of the thickness of her tummy, GONE! If you get to look at her front profile, you can see that the silhouette of her midsection is starting to show too!

Another key takeaway here is that Aliza is currently living in the UK and as such her plan is tailored in a precise manner that the ingredients are easily procurable in her area!

If you’re just like the majority who are fed up with fad diets and trying to DIY, then look no further. For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info! We have over 330+ client transformation stories posted to date.

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