Anonymous Bettina

Anonymous Bettina
22 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 146.3 lbs to 140 lbs

In our 3 years of operation, it’s not unusual for our clients to have a surprised reaction as to their before and after photos but a memorable one would definitely of Bettina’s reaction after learning that she lost a total of 6.3 lbs in a month! More than the weight itself, it’s the huge visual change that actually caused the said reaction and upon looking at her visuals, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Being exposed to other dieting methods such as IF and keto, Bettina is definitely no stranger to dieting. Her main issues with her previous diets though would be hunger and low energy levels and while she did lose a hefty amount of weight back then, she regained it all back in a short period due to the hunger just being unbearable and as such making the entire process unsustainable for her. That all changed when she enrolled in our services.

Eating 5-6 meals on average everyday and eating the right amount as computed based on her variables, our plan made sure that hunger is NEVER an issue for her and as such her energy levels are sustained and even boosted all throughout the day! On top of this, her visuals show a huge improvement in terms of her bloating and overall width and thickness which can only be achieved through precise nutritional computation, something which we’re quite proud of!

It’s not difficult to lose weight and start on a healthy lifestyle, you just need the proper guidance for it! If progress will be our basis then we’re definitely no stranger to it as we have over 300+ transformation stories posted to date! For a NO BS, honest guidance with realistic results, please do visit https://thearchitect.ph for more info!

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