Anonymous Cara

Anonymous “Cara”
23 Years Old, Med Student
Weight Change – 132 lbs to 125.4 lbs

Cara here is a referral from an existing client who also got featured on our page about a few months back. The funny thing is that they both have the same problem and the same goal, although their weight significantly differs from each other, this very much proves as to how potent my customized plans are when followed properly.

The thing about handling students, law and med students in particular is the added stress that comes with these courses. I couldn’t count the number of times Cara informed me that she had to binge eat or cheat on a particular day because of all nighters or because she just needed the extra energy to push through the day and yet in a span of 2 months, her midsection clearly regressed to the point that you could already see the outer shape of her abs. Not bad for someone who is around 70% compliant on a weekly basis.

I hope Cara becomes an inspiration to the medical professionals in general. I couldn’t count the number of times that I had to go see a doctor and the doctor would turn out to be obese or overweight, talk about irony? I’m very much experienced in handling medical professionals in general as most of my clients in the UAE are all nurses, EMTs or doctors. To all the medical professionals out there, the stress is real but it’s never too late to start being healthy. How can you help others if you couldn’t help yourself?

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