Anonymous Feliz

Anonymous Feliz
25 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 143.8 lbs to 132 lbs

It’s not the most organized before and after photo we’ve posted due to the different mirrors used to take the before and after, but the transformation is so evident that despite this, you can still see the huge changes in Feliz’ body. From the way her width and bloating was reduced, as well as how her love handles tightened up. You can clearly see in the after photo that no part of her tummy is bulging as compared to her starting photo while wearing the same shorts!

11.8 lbs might not be a lot to lose in 4 months time but the quality of her visuals greatly make up for it. This is also the reason as to why we require all of our clients to take a before and after photo. Sometimes, the weight reflected will not be able to tell the entire story especially methods which are quality based rather than quantity based(fad diets).

If you’re fed up about losing weight but not being able to see nor feel the said changes then you may want to rethink the method that you’re currently using. Proper dieting will provide you with ample energy to get through the day. It will not make you feel unbearable hunger and it will make you feel a whole lot tighter.

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