Anonymous Gerald

Anonymous Gerald
26 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 165 lbs to 168.3 lbs

You guys might be confused by the weight change above but just to clarify, Gerald did gain 3.3 lbs and still managed to reduce his body fat percentage which is evident with his tummy being flattened! So this definitely goes beyond what is normal as it is a common misconception that you must lose weight to become leaner but there is so much more than just that and one of those methods is called BODY RECOMPOSITION.

So when we talk about body recomposition, usually there’s not much weight change involved. Common situations would involve +/- of 1-2 lbs, so Gerald’s 3.3 lbs of weight gain is a bit much but would still fall under this category. What separates a body recomposition program vs a weight loss program is that the former is more focused in keeping the weight of the client more or less within the same range and is mostly applicable for people who are already within their healthy range but still with a high body fat percentage(Skinny fat). The latter on the other hand is more focused in getting the weight to a healthier range(overweight, obese). Both methods have the goal of making you leaner but the computations behind both methods are very much different.

One of the things we tell our clients is to avoid focusing on the scale weight changes as there are a variety of factors which can affect that. Focus on the quality of the process being applied so that by the end of the day, the results will be that of quality. You don’t really get to show people your weighing scale with the weight on it, you simply show yourself, your visuals. Do it the right way and we can guarantee that your visuals will be so much better than simply aiming to “drop the pounds”.

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