Anonymous Jackson

Anonymous Jackson
26 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 235.8 lbs to 200.4 lbs

World Health Organization(WHO) data suggests that around 2.8 million people worldwide die of obesity/obesity related complications. If we are to compare this to the total population of the world which is at 7.6 billion, it might not seem much but for a country(Philippines) which has 30% of it’s population above the age of 20 classified as obese(as per local study on population groups), that can be troublesome.

To make matters worse, data about obesity in the Philippines are mostly outdated and are limited to certain groups. This might be a reflection as to the funding given for such initiatives which makes it even harder to combat. But just because it is difficult, does not mean it is impossible and such has been our story since 2017 as we’ve been fighting at the frontlines against it!

Jackson’s journey is one of the many success stories we’ve had through the years but just like the majority of you, he started his journey alone and tried several fad diets too prior to his enrollment. These diets are mostly unsustainable and since majority of them simply causes water weight loss, the weight shed can easily return. This gave dieting a bad rep in Jackson’s mind but luckily for us, he was able to see through that and kept going until he landed himself under our guidance.

4 months and 35.4 lbs later, the difference in his visual is quite obvious regardless of the angle but the key takeaway to this is the fact that we were able to erase his negative mindset on dieting and teach him the right(and sustainable) way of doing so. By the end of the day, this is a winnable battle and it might be a huge undertaking as per the scale of it, but it always has to start with one person and this has been our mindset from the get go.

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