Anonymous Kaycee

Anonymous Kaycee
28 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 116.6 lbs to 112.9 lbs

One thing we have to emphasize on, especially before we start with another soon to wed feature is that a change in your lifestyle isn’t meant to be temporary as simply going back to unhealthy eating habits is more than enough to cancel out the progress you’ve worked so hard for. Given this, we receive a huge number of inquiries from soon to wed clients wanting to have a quick fix in preparation for their wedding and we would always remind them of that.

There are, however, some instances wherein the client finds him/herself in a tight spot and would have to try and better themselves in a few months’ time or worse, in exactly a month. Kaycee’s transformation is a great example of what one can expect in a month’s worth of time in our program, given a good amount of compliance!

One look at her visual changes and you can see how her tummy has flattened all the way as per her side profile! Her waist and width has been tightened up and her curves are further emphasized as per her front profile! She may have lost 3.7 lbs, but don’t let the numbers fool you as this is 3.7 lbs of quality weight loss and it clearly shows with the way her body has transformed, visually speaking! Something which usually takes 3-6 months or even more! The best part about this would be her learnings. Despite Kaycee working in the medical field, she had a lot of misconceptions regarding nutrition to which we have swiftly addressed. Some would be foods which most would deem as “healthy” but in reality, are the leading causes of bloating for most people. A bonus for her would be the extra energy during her shift too and given her busy work schedule, she was able to achieve this with barely any workout at all! All of these changes occurred in a month! We just hope and pray that Kaycee’s gown designer would have ample time to adjust.

If you’re looking for a quick way to resolve your fitness issue or hit your body goals then we definitely aren’t the right team to help you, as it takes time to build sustainable habits and it takes time to reverse years of unhealthy eating even if our plan is capable of such. But, if you’re aiming for something sustainable and long term with clear and visible results then look no further. It is always a combination of precise nutritional computation and the right mindset, both of which we instill in our clients.

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