Anonymous Leav

Anonymous Leav
46 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 114.4 lbs to 108.7 lbs

Not a lot of 46 year olds can confidently say that they’re fitter than people decades younger than them, but not Leav! This fit mommy is the proud mother of our previous feature Anonymous Vel and we dedicate this entire week to celebrate their success as well as the learnings we can get from their journey!

A quick overview of Leav’s transformation photos and it’s easy to see the huge improvements in terms of her overall thickness as per her side profile photos! Her front profile validates this change as her love handles are close to being completely leaned out as well! 5.7 lbs might not mean much but when you talk about quality weight loss, that 5.7 lbs right there would seem as if she lost 10 lbs or even more if we are to base it in terms of her visual changes!

A lot of people above the age of 40 would often use their age as an excuse as to why they couldn’t hit their fitness goals but age is NEVER an issue. We’ve proven this time immemorial, some of our fittest clients are also some of our oldest and we are proud to have Leav be a part of that group! So what did she exactly change? Her diet. Nothing more, nothing less!

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