Anonymous Lennie

Anonymous Lennie
27 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 110 lbs to 107 lbs

28 hours. This is the average preparation time our clients put in for the ENTIRE MONTH when it comes to their meals. Some clients would prep daily, and others would simply do so for an entire week during the weekends. Regardless of choice, it adds up to just a little over a day.

When you put this in perspective, Lennie was able to resolve months and even years of her fitness hurdles from simply dedicating 28 hours spread out between September 11 to October 17. The result of that tiny blip in time would be the visuals you are looking at right now.

Her side profile shows a tremendous improvement as seen from the reduction of her bloating thus giving us a flatter tummy. Her front profile on the other hand shows an improvement in her leanness, evident from the lines newly etched on her mid-section. Bundle these visual improvements with an overall improved energy level and mood and what you get is an efficient, but more importantly, fit body.

You don’t have to sacrifice half of your day, every single day to be fit. This much, we’ve proven. If you’re at least willing to give just an hour a day, which would then translate to 7 hours a week or 28 hours in total in a month, dedicated to meal prepping, coupled with the proper guidance then you’re very much well on your way to progress, fitness wise.

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