Anonymous Lida

Anonymous Lida
32 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 136.2 lbs to 128.3 lbs

We’ve shared this before and we’ll remind everyone again that not everyone should aim for a huge amount of weight loss. People like Lida who simply wish to tone up shouldn’t be losing 10-15 lbs as they’re already fit to begin with. Instead, they should be aiming for what we call recomposition which is a minimal amount of weight change but with an evident enough difference in their body fat percentage. The approach to this is a bit more advance than the usual as there isn’t much to remove in the first place.

Lida’s problem mainly stems from her lower tummy which is further amplified during her monthly cycle. Her front profile also shows a width issue stemming from her obliques area. Both of which we were able to address. Notice how her side profile in her after photo shows a better fit in her trousers minus the bulge present in her before photo. Looking at her front profile and you can clearly see how much we were able to tighten up on her width which further enhances her curves!

Losing weight alone isn’t enough, if it’s not done with precision, you may lose weight in all the wrong places and worse, lose a lot more from your hard earned muscle mass which would then weaken your metabolism.

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