Anonymous Linda

Anonymous Linda
54 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 128.3 lbs to 117.3 lbs

Linda may not be our youngest client but despite being in her 50’s, her transformation can easily match or even beat those decades younger than her! This is the exact reason as to why we disagree with the claim that age is a determining factor in one’s fitness level. Sure, age may slightly make it more difficult for those beyond the age of 40, but it’s not enough to make a transformation impossible. We’ve transformed hundreds of middle-aged women aged 40-60+ transform flawlessly and we’re happy to add Linda to that list.

Despite only losing 11 lbs, Linda’s bloating has improved and this is quite visible with her side profile. You can see as to how much her tummy has retracted and how her overall thickness got reduced. Her front profile shows the huge improvement in terms of her belly bloat too as well as the improvements in her width! More than the visual changes, her health is in perfect shape, and her energy is also at an all time high! To top it all off, not once does she feel hungry and on the contrary she feels full all the time! All of this was achieved FROM NUTRITION ALONE. Not a single workout was done in her 4 months of journey with us.

Linda is our 299th transformation but more than that distinction, we do highly believe that this transformation would give a much needed hope to a lot middle-aged people to never give up on their fitness dreams. If Linda can achieve this at 54, then you surely could do the same. It’s all a matter of proper guidance.

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