Anonymous Mandy

Anonymous Mandy
33 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 127.5 lbs to 116.1 lbs

Imagine having to wear something that seems so familiar but now feels foreign. That is what rapid weight gain can do to you, something which is quite common post-pregnancy. A problem which Mandy is currently suffering, 15 months post partum.

To the eyes of the majority, the solution may seem obvious, but they forget one important aspect of motherhood and that is to ensure that their milk production isn’t compromised. An issue that is common with fad/crash dieting methods.

Less than 3 months into our program and Mandy was able to lose 11.4 lbs which translated to 4 inches off her waist! You can clearly see this transformation from her side profile as her tummy clearly flattened! You can also see the improvements in her love handles from her front profile. Most thing to note would be that her milk supply remained plentiful all throughout! This is an indicator that she’s getting all the right nutrients and as such, so does her baby! Hunger was never an issue and energy is sustained all throughout her day!

Being a mom entails a lot of hard work, don’t let your health and fitness add to that. Consult with professionals to ensure that you get to do it safely. Don’t just aim to lose weight, aim to do it right(and with quality).
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