Anonymous Maya

Anonymous Maya
34 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 130.6 lbs to 120.8 lbs

If you think one pregnancy is damaging to the physique, what more if you make that two? Maya here is an OFW living in Qatar and is a proud mother of two but as you can see despite this, her after photos look as if she didn’t undergo any pregnancy at all!

When we initially assessed Maya, her primary issue would be that she’s Pre-diabetic and that she always feel sleepy and tired and to add to this would be her issues with her tummy bloat and her arms. All of these issues were addressed as clearly seen from both of her after photos! In just a span of 2 months, we were able to reduce her overall weight by 9.8 lbs but more than the weight changes itself, it’s the changes in her visuals which captivates us the most! Her side profile shows a complete reversal of her tummy bloat! Her arms are visibly smaller too! Looking at her front profile, you can see the improvements in her curves due to the bloating improvements and this is on top of the area near her armpit being visibly leaner too as evident with the lack of “pinching” of the skin in that area! Her energy levels are at an all time high too and she barely feels hungry! On the contrary she feels full most of the time! The best part is that Maya didn’t do any exercise at all! These changes are the result of a change in her nutrition alone! Maya has yet to undergo another test for her sugar but we’re quite certain that with the overall improvements she experienced, her sugar would have improved as well!

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