Anonymous Mitra

Anonymous Mitra
28 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 151.6 lbs to 145 lbs

While most people are continuously gaining weight all throughout December, our clients are actually doing the opposite while still having a feel of the holiday festivities! People dread December mainly due to the celebrations that come with Christmas and New Year and this would often include, family reunions, office Christmas parties and dine outs with friends and all of these are something which we acknowledge and as a matter of fact, encourage our clients to participate at!

So how does our clients handle the holidays? By having an “abundance mindset”. We always remind them that they can easily prepare or buy these celebratory foods and desserts anytime. They have the means and the resources to do so and as such they don’t really have a reason to pig out on any particular celebration. Portion control is key in ensuring that the damage is kept as minimal as possible while still allowing the client to enjoy the holiday celebrations!

Mitra’s progress, as well as our other December transformation stories, is a testament to this! A close look at her visuals and you can see the huge progress in her midsection! We’ve eliminated her bloating completely! This is what precise nutritional planning can do for you and the best part is that our clients do not feel deprived nor hungry at all! Energy levels are amplified for the most part too!

Dreading the holidays is totally unnecessary and with the right guidance, not only will you be enjoying it with the loved ones, but you will be entering the new year in a much fitter state too!

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