Anonymous Nadine

Anonymous Nadine
40 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 120.6 lbs to 112.6 lbs

As we are a few days away in ending 2020, it’s just right that we get to end it properly with a BANG! What a better way to start than to share Nadine’s transformation!

Coming from an already fit background, most people would question as to what else can be improved on an already fit body. Most people would be content with Nadine’s before photo and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for those who seek to challenge themselves and are in a constant quest for progress, then it’s quite obvious that there is a lot more room to polish in Nadine’s case!

Not being a stranger to being active, Nadine does yoga, pole dancing among other exercises but seeing that activity levels are not an issue for her, it didn’t take long before the realization sunk that nutrition would be her key in further improving on her overall fitness and that is what we were able to achieve in 3 months!

Her curves were enhanced as we leaned up on her obliques! You can actually see the width improvement on her midsection! Despite having visible abs, we were able to further enhance it as you can see with the 1 1 lines being more evident as well as the overall cuts! All of these changes were achieved without her having to sacrifice on her energy levels nor being hungry! This is what proper nutrition can do for you.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! This actually came as a surprise for our team too as it was only recently that we discovered from our conversations with Nadine that she’s actually a mom! She wasn’t able to include that in our assessment form hence the surprise from our team!

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