Anonymous Nigel

Anonymous “Nigel”
25 Years Old, IT Professional
Weight Change – 165 lbs to 146.9 lbs

I envied my good friend Nigel here since our college days. He’s a very talented musician and his good looks and personality were the icing on the cake. Last I saw Nigel, he was very much slim. Not really “fit” but he was slim and normal which is good so imagine how surprised I was when I saw his before photo. He basically neglected his health for the past few years due to work-related stress and other initiatives.

The thing about such setbacks is that it motivates people like Nigel to get back into shape and to beat their old self at least in terms of aesthetics. When Nigel and I started this project, he was actually abroad but that didn’t stop him from following the plan religiously although he has this tendency to overdo it in the workout department which doesn’t help his cause.

So, a talented musician with a good heart and good looks plus a fit body? Sounds like trouble to me so girls beware, last I checked he’s single so just send me a message and I’ll be happy to refer you to him. Kidding, Good job Nigel and cheers buddy!

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