Anonymous Parkson

Anonymous Parkson
18 Years Old, Auditor
Weight Change – 175.6 lbs to 146.1 lbs

People equate holidays with weight gain, even more so during the Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations. However, this impression is misguided in the sense that our food intake capacity is limited even if the food quantity during these times are higher than average!

We always remind our clients to have an abundance mindset. They don’t need to eat every single item served to them during the festivities as they’re capable of buying those same food items on a regular basis since they have the means to do so. Having rewired their mindset to such, allowed our clients such as Parkson to not only minimize the damages brought about by the holidays but even excel during this period!

Parkson lost 29.5 lbs in a span of 5 months, leaning his entire body most visibly on his midsection! His bloating has been substantially reduced and on top of these visual changes, his energy levels were intact and hunger was absent!

If our clients can excel in their nutrition during the most dreaded time of the year, imagine what they’re capable of achieving on a regular month!

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