Anonymous Qari

Anonymous “Qari”
36 Years Old, IT Professional
Weight Change – 137 lbs to 128.9 lbs

If you get to ask my clients, all of them would tell you that I’m a results oriented kind of guy. It’s not enough that you get to lose weight, you need QUALITY weight loss. I’d rather have my clients lose 3 lbs in a month than 20 lbs if it means that the former is of quality weight loss.

Weight loss is generally a mixture of fat loss, water weight loss and loss in muscle mass. Anyone who comes to you and tells you that you can lose fat and fat alone? They’re obviously lying. You need to lose weight to lose fat. The only way you for you to lose fat and fat alone is through LIPOSUCTION. The Architect PH plans are designed to enhance fat loss more than the two other types of losses which is why we pride ourselves in customized quality, sustainable and maintainable weight loss solutions.

If you were to look at Qari’s transformation, you can see as to how much we were able to reduce her tummy, proof that the weight she lost was mostly fat. Also I get a lot of inquiries as to whether or not a gym membership is required to achieve my clients’ results and the answer there is a big NO. Majority of the clients I featured for fat loss preferred a home based workout hence I crafted a home based circuit for them to follow.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, surely Qari may have achieved this in less than a month, but she did work hard for it and sacrificed in terms of the changes she had to make in her lifestyle for both nutrition and her workout routine.

I would like to join my colleagues at the The RND Corner and use this opportunity to call out ANC 24/7 for featuring Ms. Mae Paner and her misleading information on the ketogenic diet. Obesity is a growing concern here in the Philippines as we already have the highest rate of obesity in 3rd world countries as of 2014. These people are considered high-risk for heart attack, stroke and several other life-threatening illnesses. They definitely DO NOT need to hear about how it is okay to eat “Chicharon” or “Lechon” and that it’ll be good for them. Please be responsible in what you broadcast on national TV. It’s not that hard to interview Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians(RND). I will not stay silent while this Bullshit is being circulated. Let’s call a spade a spade.

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