Anonymous Rafa

Anonymous “Rafa”
24 Years Old, Confidential
Weight Change – 140 lbs to 132 lbs

The exciting thing about helping skinny fat people in becoming leaner is that the process doesn’t end when you get to fix their tummy. The next step involves you slowly structuring them up. Rafa here is one of those guys I’m currently handling which is under the “structuring” process. We were able to achieve a based body we can work on hence we’re working on building him up.

While Rafa’s changes were already evident on his 2nd month with us, I decided to postpone his feature until such a time that I’m quite confident with the results. Here at The Architect, we do not settle for mediocre. We want quality results and we pride ourselves with that.

Watch out for Rafa’s progress update after a month or two! For honest fitness guidance with realistic results, kindly do send us a PM and let us see as to how we can help you!

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