Anonymous Rick

Anonymous “Rick”
26 Years Old, Entrepreneur
Weight Change – 165 lbs to 157 lbs

The thing about health and fitness is that everyone comes to a realization at some point that these shouldn’t be overlooked. It doesn’t matter if you’re the POTUS or an Uber driver, if you want to enjoy life further, then you have to improve on your health and fitness level. One of the things which makes all of these worthwhile for me is the fact that somehow, you get to impact the lives of strangers and people around you and change it for the better.

What might be the best part of my job, you might ask? Being able to help the people closest to you. Anonymous “Rick” and I go all the way back and it would be an understatement to call him a close friend. He’s like the cheese to my macaroni, Robin to the Batman(Cause I gotta be Batman), the marshmallow to my hot chocolate. I’ll stop there before it gets more awkward. When “Rick” informed me of his willingness to get back in shape, I was ecstatic! He used to be my original gym partner and it would be an honor to help him out yet again. It wasn’t long before “Rick” was able to convince his life partner into joining the gym too and before you know it, we’ve been training together 3-4x a week for more than a month now.

I don’t think there’s anything more to say about his progress. Every workout day he hit it hard, he also became more conscious about his nutrition every now and then(Yes, he was barely at 50% compliance rate, imagine the results if he were about 80-100% compliant). To all Team Architect Members, don’t take this as an excuse not to be compliant because Rick’s body responded differently and so I have a different approach for him.

To “Rick”, keep it up brother, keep inspiring! This is just the beginning.

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